• November 29, 2023

Siggy AINE 

Vipers president Dr Lawrence Mulindwa has come out to advise UPL and FUFA to activate the 75% clause and declare table leaders Express league champions.

This rule stipulates that in case of any hindrance that prevents the league from being completed fully, the leader can be declared champion if 75% of the games have been played.

This was the same rule that was used in declaring Vipers champions last season with five games to go.

Now the former FUFA boss believes with just 3-4 games to go, Express should be declared champions.

However, Fufa a few days ago revealed how it was planning to meet the Prime Minister to forge a way forward on how to complete the remainder of the games.

“There is no need to talk to the Prime Minister. Even if she allows, will she be the one responsible for removing Covid19? How do you trust those players playing against each other? Even if you say there is vaccination, it’s not treatment so there can’t be assurance. And with poverty in our clubs, which ones are ready to do regular testing? We shouldn’t risk the life of Ugandans for the sake of that thing called ‘The Cup’. Clubs should be left to go prepare for the next season instead of wasting time on the current campaign.” Mulindwa said.

He went ahead to advise Fufa to quickly announce Express in order to help teams prepare for next season.

“I want to advise the Federation and the people at UPL just as they applied the 75% rule last season, they should do it now. In fact they should have done it yesterday to declare Express FC Champions of this current season. They shouldn’t waste time. The rule is very clear and should be applied.” Mulindwa added.

He said this will help the team supposed to represent Uganda on the continental level to prepare in time.

He added that he would avail his stadium St Mary’s to Express since bo stadium is allowed to host international matches in the country.

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