• November 29, 2023

Siggy AINE 

Vipers CEO Lawrence Mulindwa has come out to show his disapproval of former coach  for his recent actions.

It should be recalled that a few days ago Fred Kajoba who was Vipers manager exited the role before the season’s end.

This was after he was asked by the Vipers Technical director Charles Masembe to choose between his two jobs, being Vipers head coach and working with the national team.

Kajoba chose the later and this did not amuse his boss Mulindwa who has come out to launch an attack against him.

Mulindwa went ahead to say that the club was in search of a new manager before going ahead to list the qualities needed in the new coach.

“I can confirm that we are in the process of recruiting a coach. But we are taking our time and even if it means breaking the bank to get one with top qualities, we shall. We need a coach with a winning mentality, a coach who can be respected by the players. A coach who has come to achieve but not to celebrate because they have won the Uganda Cup. No.

“We want someone who will strengthen our youth program because we have a lot of talent here from the school but what has been your contribution since you came if I may ask some of the past coaches we have had including the recent one. We need a coach who is very professional, somebody with character, one with enough exposure and one who is to conquer African football.” Mulindwa said.

Mulindwa then turned his attention to his former manager. Kajoba had won the league title last season before he called it quits at Kitende.

Mulindwa branded Kajoba’s behavior unprofessional for the way he left his job which was unofficial

“He left unceremoniously. Just said bye to the players and got into his car and left. This is very unprofessional. For us when we give you the job, we did it formally, appointment letter and contract but then you leave because you have been told to decide between the two jobs (national and Vipers) without anything formal.” Mulindwa added.

The former FUFA boss also took time to talk about Express FC’s coach Wasswa Bbosa’s behavior.

This was after Bbosa got out of control during the Uganda cup tie between KCCA and Express.

Bbosa was seen attacking and insulting KCCA’s Moses Oloya.

“Maybe Fufa need to change the way coaches get papers like it’s done in Europe. Not just a few days and you have a license. Look at Bbosa’s behavior at Lugogo, why attack a fellow coach like he did against Oloya? Coaches are teachers and players are students, now what kind of gesture was he showing to his players? Very unprofessional conduct.”

Mulindwa further added.

There was a rumor recently of how former KCCA manager Mike Mutebi had been signed by Vipers as their new coach.

However, Mulindwa’s statements showed that there is nothing and these are just rumors.

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