• November 24, 2023


Former KCCA midfielder has painfully revealed how he saw two of his moves to English clubs Fulham and Nottingham Forest fail.

While appearing on NBS Sport, the creative midfielder said that he was on the verge of joining the two sides but simple details saw the moves fail.

At first he was set to join Fulham which currently plays in the English Premier League but by then was in the Championship.

He was invited to Fulham where he went for trials for two weeks.

It was almost coming true for Sadam Juma but only a few details made him fail since the coaches there pay a lot of attention to them which coaches back here ignore.

After the unsuccessful trial at Fulham, he was recommended to Nottingham Forest.

He trained with the first team for a period of about 2 months and fitted in easily.

However, the delayed paperwork failed this move as he was told to come back to Uganda.

“I was invited to


for trials and I was there for 2 weeks. I had a good first touch however I failed on some basics because out there, they pay a lot of attention on small details coaches back home ignore.”

“After the trials at Fulham FC , I was recommended to @NFFC where I was training with the first team where I easily fitted in and stayed in for 2 months. However because of my paperwork which delayed, I was told to come back to Uganda.”

Nonetheless, Sadam Juma says that he has no regrets as he’s glad for thr way his football career turned out to be.

Although he would have loved to play in Europe which was a dream of his, his career turned out great.

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